Defining Technical Excellence — Intuitive Problem Solvers

Our team members have gained an outstanding level of technical knowledge through their experiences making them intuitive problem solvers. Technical excellence influences our approach and process which produces a high-quality building built for the best price.

Craig Richards

Technical Excellence is the ability to foresee and eliminate an issue before it has the potential to jeopardize safety, schedule, budget, quality, and most importantly, client satisfaction.

— Craig Richards, Project Executive
Timothy McClellan

No matter what your role in the company, the standard is excellence!

— Timothy McClellan, Executive Vice President
Steve Johnston

Technical Excellence is knowledge of all aspects of construction and the delivery of the very best quality, superior to all others. When we finish with the project, we want the owners to see there is a difference between us the rest of the competition!

— Steve Johnston, General Superindentent
Russ Brobst

Part of achieving technical excellence is keeping a positive attitude and taking pride in my work. Construction doesn't always go as planned but I keep a positive attitude while staying motivated. All challenges can be overcome and overcoming challenges is achieving technical excellence.

— Russ Brobst, Project Superintendent
Brad Bloomberg, LEED AP

Technical excellence is more than just an understanding of the process of construction but the ability to overcome all challenges no matter how difficult.

— Brad Bloomberg, LEED AP, Project Executive
Kevin Joseph

Technical excellence is rooted in the perfect execution of safety, design-intent, schedule, and quality. To be technically excellent, every member of the IMMPact team has to perform their job flawlessly.

— Kevin Joseph, Project Manager
Ernie Lewis

Technical excellence is not just meeting the basics but going above and beyond and paying attention to the detail to achieve a higher standard.

— Ernie Lewis, Sr. Project Superintendent
Ted Tinkler, LEED AP

Technical excellence in construction is having the ability to see all of the intricate moving parts of construction and solve the issues efficiently and effectively using all of the resources available. This requires dynamic people who are technically sound, but more importantly; people who care about end results and strive for excellence.”

— Ted Tinkler, LEED AP, Vice President
Dillon Overman

Technical excellence is the fine attention to detail. It is the ability to be both excellent and proficient in addressing the finer details along with the more prominent tasks. All of this leading up to a great performance.

— Dillon Overman, Project Manager

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